Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Domino - Japanese midi editor

Domino is the main and only piano roll MIDI music editing software (PLC) with many futures :
    Up to 16 ports (channels 256) can handle
    Undo and Redo as many times as possible as far as your memory
    SMF (Standard MIDI File) to read and write (read format0 / 1 export format1)
    Scale can preview a selection role in moving the piano
    Kontororuchenji as easily as RPN, NRPN and can be operated (Kontororuchenjimakuro function)
    SC-In 8850, EFX effects and system support operations such as
    The many available sources to provide an instrument definition file
    Gate in fields such as "480 * 08" as saying calculation and constant (variable) can be used
    Onion skins to display the contents of the truck while the other piano roll
    View multi function event graphs can be displayed simultaneously with the velocity pitch, etc and many more.

Read, used and download for free

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