Monday, December 21, 2009

TFM Music Maker by Shiru

just use this link :

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bits / Arman Bohn

<a href="">Combat by Arman Bohn</a>

Sunday, November 15, 2009


check this link. a good site for vst .


Monday, July 6, 2009

As you can see above SuperRiff comes in two flavours, Guitar and Bass.
SuperRiff Guitar and SuperRiff Bass are simple VST instruments that contain a limited set of custom electric and bass guitar single note samples for use in computer music production.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free vst guitar

Spicy Guitar is a real-time acoustic guitar synthesis software. Based on a new synthesis method, it sounds really realistic. And guess what ? It's free !

BZR Player

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Andreas Argirakis

Supported formats
Game Music Emu
Audio File Library
AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
ASFAdvanced Streaming format
DLSDownloadable Sounds
FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec
FSBFMOD Sample Bank
ITImpulse Tracker
MIDMusical Instrument Digital Interface
MODSoundtracker 2.6
MP2MPEG I/II Layer 2
MP3MPEG I/II Layer 3
OGGOgg Vorbis
S3MScreamTracker 3
VAGPlayStation ADPCM Sound File
WAVWaveform Audio
WMAWindows Media Audio
XMFastTracker 2
SIDCommodore 64
FCFuture Composer 1.3
FCFuture Composer 1.4
AYZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC
GBSNintendo Game Boy
GYMSega Genesis, Mega Drive
HESNEC TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine
KSSMSX Home Computer, other Z80 systems
NSFNintendo NES, Famicom
NSFENintendo NES, Famicom
SAPAtari systems using POKEY sound chip
SPCSuper Nintendo, Super Famicom
VGMVideo Game Music File
VGZCompressed Video Game Music File
RSNRar archive with SPC songs
AC1D packerCompressed Sound/Protracker
The Player 4.1ACompressed Sound/Protracker
The Player 5.0ACompressed Sound/Protracker
The Player 6.0ACompressed Sound/Protracker
The Player 6.1ACompressed Sound/Protracker
Heatseeker mc1.0Compressed Sound/Protracker
Digital IllusionsCompressed Sound/Protracker
Game Music CreatorCompressed Sound/Protracker
Kris Tracker/Chip TrackerCompressed Sound/Protracker
Newtron packerCompressed Sound/Protracker
NoisePacker v2Compressed Sound/Protracker
NoisePacker v3Compressed Sound/Protracker
ProPacker v2.1Compressed Sound/Protracker
ProPacker v3.0Compressed Sound/Protracker
PHA PackerCompressed Sound/Protracker
Promizer 1.8aCompressed Sound/Protracker
ProRunner v1Compressed Sound/Protracker
ProRunner v2Compressed Sound/Protracker
TrackerPacker 2Compressed Sound/Protracker
TrackerPacker 3Compressed Sound/Protracker
Wanton PackerCompressed Sound/Protracker
UNIC Tracker v1Compressed Sound/Protracker
UNIC Tracker v2Compressed Sound/Protracker
AIFCCompressed AIFF
SNDNeXT .snd
AUSun .au
BICSFBerkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound Format
AVRAudio Visual Research File Format
A2MAdLib Tracker 2
BAMBob's AdLib Music
AMDAMUSIC Adlib Tracker
CFFBoomTracker 4.0
CMFCreative Music File
DMOTwin TrackPlayer
DTMDeFy AdLib Tracker
HSCHSC Adlib Composer
IMFApogee IMF File
KSMKen Silverman's Music
MOrigin AdLib Music Format
MADMlat Adlib Tracker
MTKMPU-401 Trakker
RADReality ADlib Tracker
RAWRdosPlay RAW file
AS3MScreamtracker 3
SA2Surprise! Adlib Tracker 2
SATSurprise! AdLib Tracker
SCISierra's AdLib Audio File Format
LAALucasArts AdLib Audio File Format
SNGFaust Music Creator
XSMeXtra Simple Music
SNGAdlib Tracker 1.0
XADeXotic ADlib Format
MODUltimate Soundtracker
MODSoundtracker 15
MODStarTrekker 4
MODOld Soundtracker
669UNIS 669
AMFAsylum / DSMI
AMSVelvet Studio AMS 1.x
DBMDigiBooster Pro
DMFDelusion/XTracker Digital Music
DSMDSIK internal format modules
FARFarandole Composer
MDLDigiTracker 1.x
STMScreamTracker II
UMXUnreal Music
MT2MadTracker 2.0
PSMProtracker Studio
YMAtari ST
MIXAtari Digi-Mix

Normalizer: Real time normalizer that makes all sounds play with the same volume. Parameters can be changed by the user
Reverb: Gives a nice reverb effect and is suitable mostly for old C64/Amiga sounds for example since they can sound a bit "flat" otherwise. Parameters can be changed by the user
Pitch: Pitch can be altered for all sounds, even HTTP streams
Zip archives: Unpacks and plays all sounds in a zip archive
Rar archives: Unpacks and plays all sounds in a rar archive
Gzip: All supported sound formats can be gzipped
Settings: All settings that can be made are saved to disk
Subsounds: If a file format may contain multiple sounds, BZR Player can play those.
Limit sound length: Some sounds have an unknown length, and the user can specify a maximum sound length for such sounds, so that they don't play forever.
Playlists: Supports loading of M3U and PLS playlists (Not all features) and saving in M3U format.
Command line: Sounds can be added from commandline, just add the paths, like this: bzrplayer mysong2.mod song2.sid. Use quotation marks if the files contain spaces.
Recursive folders: Drag and drop or add a folder using the button in the playlist window and all the files and folders in it will also be added
HTTP Streaming: Plays streams (radio stations)
Window snapping: Main window and playlist snap together

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pohon Berpintal promo